The Challenge

SunSense UK are the UK’s number 1 prescribed suncream. In the summers of 2015 & 2016, they aimed to run an awareness campaign highlighting the dangers of sun damage. Teralon were asked to provide the visual creative content and equipment for the campaign.

The Strategy

Teralon sent a 2 man team equipped with a specially converted UV camera to each of SunSense’s roadshow events. Teralon operated the UV camera and interacted with members of the public, explaining the underlying pigmentation that the camera showed in people’s skin. 

The Solution

The Teralon team formed an integral part of the two 4 month long campaigns, bringing an exciting interactive element to the roadshow events, where the UV camera was always the centre of attention. 

During the campaign, Teralon produced a large number of photographs to generate social media attention.  We also created a moving and engaging film to sum up the campaign, and a number of other accompanying promotional videos.