Cambridge May Balls


The Challenge

The University of Cambridge (UK) have traditionally hosted the largest and most prestigious end of academic year balls, frequently exceeding 2,500 guests in attendance.

Teralon were brought in to produce highlight films for St John's college (2015), Sidney Sussex college (2016), and Corpus Christi college (2017). These serve as  mementos for those present, incentives for future guests, and marketing assets to attract prospective sponsors.

The Strategy

The aims were to convey a comprehensive view of the night’s atmosphere, covering the excitement of the crowds, the myriad of decorations and activities, and the scale of the events.

The Solution

With teams of up to 7 members, Teralon covered the nights from the ground and from the sky to show off the true scale of the events.

The resulting after movies are now regarded to be the leading promotional films for all Cambridge may balls.